Attraction Marketing 101

by | May 20, 2020 | Marketing Strategy


Would you like to have more qualified leads coming TO you instead of spending your time trying to find new customers? Who wouldn’t, right?! How would you spend your time differently if you didn’t have to prospect for customers? Have you heard of Attraction Marketing? Read more about it below and then contact me. I can help!

Attraction Marketing is simply the process of drawing interest to a company, product, or service by leading with value. The goal of Attraction Marketing is to attract potential customers to build your sales funnel by creating curiosity and putting products or information into the marketplace that will benefit them. Attraction Marketing uses technology to speak to many people at once vs. individual one-on-one interactions thus, allowing for faster growth potential as well as the opportunity for additional efficiencies via automation tools. With Attraction Marketing, you get your target audience to Know, Like, and Trust you so that you can convert them to sales.


Attraction Marketing 101 Chart - Cultivate Success Marketing


Attraction Marketing is simply the process of drawing interest to a company, product, or service by leading with value.

Put simply, you have to give your customer something of value to get their information in return. Then, repeat the cycle as you continue to provide additional value and upsell your customers along the way. Depending on your attraction efforts you have the opportunity to bring in additional customers via each stage within your sales funnel.

Your brand should engage your target audience(s) in a rewarding two-way exchange of information#subscribeform while encouraging them to share their experiences with others providing referrals. The main way to drive that external conversation is through providing quality content structured around what matters to the specific target audience(s), and laddering up to a purpose statement: what your brand has to offer that will benefit your audience.

The goal is to be seen as trusted, reliable, and authoritative. By earning that credibility, your brand will continue the relationship in a positive manner and keep the audience connected to learn more and eventually convert by extending their relationship in some way.


According to a study released by Episerver (1/16/2017 PRNewswire Release),  92% of consumers will visit a brand’s website for the first time for reasons other than making a purchase.

If you provide the information seekers with information related to what they are looking for – you are providing them value (not a sales pitch) and you are starting them into your sales funnel at the same time.

For example, if you sell violins, the best way to get your target audience to buy your violin is to give them information on how to play the violin they want (i.e. meet their need).

    • You can provide educational material on the differences of violin brands to help them determine what violin best fits their need. In this instance, you will want to serve as a consultant and provide unbiased advice to build trust with your audience.
    • You can provide the service of violin lessons for your target audience via video chats or webinars. They already know of you to book their lessons and can now purchase a violin through you, as well.
    • You can help the target audience find the appropriate violin teacher for their needs/location, etc. In this case, you could serve as an affiliate marketer to the violin teacher you recommend and receive commissions or other services from the traffic that you provide.

Remember, Attraction Marketing is about your audience / who you are talking to (NOT you). You can talk about how the benefits of your products or services will give them the outcome that they want as long as you keep your target audience as the focus.

Not everyone is your customer and that is OK! If you have to convince someone, they are NOT your customer. The point of Attraction Marketing is to get qualified leads to come to you so that you don’t have to chase after customers and waste your time on people that are not motivated or receptive to your solutions.

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